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BREEDBEELD FILM SCHOOL: Workshop Productie & Distributie

Op donderdagavond 29 oktober plannen we, in het kader van de BREEDBEELD Film School, een online workshop rond de productie en distributie van kortfilms. We gaan er met een aantal jonge filmmakers in op de verschillende aspecten van hoe het is om als beginnende filmmaker je eerste stappen te zetten in de audiovisuele sector.

Tijdens deze online workshop gaat Brecht Van Elslande, producent bij Animal Tank en docent aan het KASK - School of Arts Gent, in gesprek met cineasten Sine en Imge Özbilge, Nelson Polfliet, Eva Van Tongeren en Aline Boyen over hun ervaringen bij het produceren en distribueren van hun kortfilms. Na inschrijving krijg je een screener van hun films toegestuurd, zodat je deze vooraf kan bekijken, en een zoom-link voor de workshop. Deelname is gratis. Je moet wel vooraf inschrijven, voor 20 oktober. Dat doe je onderaan deze pagina.

Enkele zaken die tijdens de workshop behandeld zullen worden:

  • Hoe start je als beginnende filmmaker? Wat na de studies? Hoe kan je het financieel beredderen als beginnend filmmaker?
  • Hoe kom je in contact met een producent? Waarom zou je met een producent moeten/willen werken? Wat zijn de voor- en nadelen?
  • Hoe kan je jouw eerste professioneel project opstarten?
  • Wat is het verschil tussen een studentenfilm en film binnen een professionele context? Is er een verschil tussen de productie van een film met een producent of zonder producent (in eigen beheer)? Hoe ervaren jullie het verschil tussen het werken zonder budget en werken met een budget (VAF steun, taks shelter, …)?
  • Hoe verloopt de samenwerking met een producent / productiehuis ? Welke voor- en nadelen, moeilijkheden, mogelijkheden hebben zij ondervonden tijdens hun productie- en maakproces?
  • Hoe is het om met grote, soms ervaren crew te werken binnen een professionele context?
    Financiering van de film: Wat zijn volgens de makers voor- of nadelen van te werken met verschillende steunmateregelen (vaf, tax shelter, lokale steun,....)
  • Festivaldistributie: hoe pakken we dit aan, wat moeten we verwachten, wat zijn de valkuilen? Wie doet de distributie (festivals, tv, vod, ...) van de film? Doe je (festival)distributie zelf of wordt dit uitbesteed?
  • ... 


Praktische Info

29 OKTOBER 2020  : 19u. - 21u.



Meer info over de sprekers

Brecht Van Elslande (°1980, België)

Brecht began his career by working for the internationally renowned artist Berlinde De Bruyckere and the contemporary art collection of the National Bank of Belgium. From 2006 to 2010, he was project manager FilmLab and Short Film at Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF).
In 2010, he started working parttime as manager of KASKcinema, an arthouse cinema in Ghent. From that moment on, he also served as an independent consultant for filmmakers and artists such as Nicolas Provost and Ruben Bellinkx. This was the precursor to Animal Tank, the production company and 2D-animation studio which he founded in 2014 together with Bert Lesaffer. With Animal Tank, he wants to (co-)produce quality films and series with an edge, not limiting ourselves by genre, category or length.
From 2015 till 2017 he worked as the coordinator for the film department of the KASK / School of Arts Ghent. Since September 2018 he teaches ‘Introduction in the audiovisual field’ at the KASK / School of Arts Ghent.
Sine & Imge Özbilge

Sine Özbilge is a multidisciplinary artist with a strong focus on animation andmixed-media. She holds a BA in ‘Design and Arts’ from the Libera Università di Bolzano FUB Italy, as well as an MA in ‘Animation’ from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts KASK Belgium. She has been mentored by Aldo Cibic - the contemporary successor of the renowned Italian Memphis Designer Ettore Sottsass as well as valuable artists such as Han Hoogerbrugge. Sine works often in a duo on multiple projects with her sister Imge Özbilge. While Imge tackles societal matters, Sine creates obscure worlds where subconscious desires, conflicts and struggles metamorphose into absurd and surreal artworks. These often have a mixed media basis where animation and live-action metamorphose in order to explore new connotations, narrations and stylistic forms. Her work focuses on Femininity, the Subconscious, Art history, Post-net aesthetics and Absurdism.
As an Artist and Film director Imge Özbilge is making animated movies and is experimenting with the medium of animation as an art form. She analyses the boardersbetween animated film and installation art, questioning its midpoints and distinctions. Imge's work is based on research and starts with a conceptual question, followed by the exploration of new visual worlds. Between 2009 and 2012, the artist conducted a research on the visualization of middle eastern mythologies. During this process she developed a passion for miniature art. Between 2014 and 2016, she inquired about the contemporary use of this art-form and wrote her thesis 'Contemporary Ottoman Miniatures'. The surreal elements of her work are based on myths inspired by miniature art and are also reflections on her own reality. Imge has lived in countries such as Austria, Turkey, the Netherlands and is currently residing in Belgium. After obtaining her BA in the Arts from the 'Istanbul Bilgi University', she has continued her master studies first at the 'AKV St. Joost Academy' in the Netherlands and subsequently at the 'Royal Academy of Arts KASK' in Belgium, completing her second MA. Her award winning graduation film 'Camouflage' has been in the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival in 2017.
Eva van Tongeren (°1990,  the Netherlands)

Eva van Tongeren is an audiovisual artist and curator working and living in Antwerp. She incorporates her social and anthropological interests into personal histories and universal themes. Her filmic works vary in form but connect through the shared subject of caring. The landscape is another recurring motif, particularly its capacity to form a character and narrative, and to reflect the prevailing social, economic and political structures.
Nelson Polfliet

In my work as a film maker, I’m fascinated and inspired by the fragility of life and
happiness. I write and direct movies where fantasy often gets the upper hand in the characters’ lives. True emotions are always at the base of my stories, but never without a funny and weird twist.
The program booklet of International Short film festival Leuven described my last film
as a musical dramedy. As that term implies, my work and this film cannot be put in
one box. My films are riddled with feverish dreams bursting with frivolity and enhancing
humor with a sinister undertone. In a playful way, there is a struggle between love for
and a critical look at the Flemish tradition and pop culture.
Aline Boyen

The love for art and images were kindled very early in me. When I reached the age of 14, I spent all my free time on making pictures, and all of my pocket money on 35mm film and lots of Ilford black and white photo paper. I developed the pictures by myself, which turned out to give - at the time - beautiful photographs. A few years later, while attending arts high school, my love for moving images grew. It became clear I was passionate about film, so I continued my journey at the Royal Institute of Theatre, Cinema and Sound. I consider my graduation at the RITCS the beginning of my artistic and professional development. With my graduation film, I won the HUMO award at the International Short Film Festival of Leuven. The film was broadcasted on CANVAS on 20 October 2019. Meanwhile I worked on online commercials and I finished my first professional short film, FKTF (French Kissing Tooth Fairy). The film is now starting its journey on film festivals and is currently selected at Brussels Short Film Festival and Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur.


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