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International conference on teaching and researching Cinematography

The organization of the 3th International Conference on teaching and researching Cinematography hosted by RITCS and INSAS, Brussels and in association with the Lusofona University, Portugal, invites cinematographers, teachers and film faculty to participate at the round tables during the conference held in Brussels 4-5-6 April 2019.

The overall subject of the conference is Cinematography and in a wider context visual storytelling for fiction films.

A key dimension of the conference is to discuss the current trends in cinematography and how this should be applied to future teaching in film school and other educational facilities.

The focus is on the connection between the methodologies of researching cinematography and teaching cinematography.



Day 1: 4th of April - Poster Sharing Sessions

The topics for the poster sessions are:

  • HFR/HDR 
  • Grading and workflow
  • Cinematography Thinking
  • Alternative teaching
  • Teaching and practice 

Day 2: 5th of April - Round Tables

3 round table sessions

The topics for the round tables are

  • Emerging Cinematography Practices 
  • Teaching the foundation of Cinematography for narrative cinema (Using celluloid film as a method to teach cinematography) 
  • From arts practice to academic research, the methodology
  • New pedagogical tools and didactical systems to teach cinematography (flip classrooms, auto assessments and evaluation…)
  • Teaching methods regarding responsibilities and duties of a cinematographer 
  • How to use the prior digital knowledge of students to create cinematography



Inscription starts at 15 January 2019!

Fee Includes coffee breaks, 2 lunches and one dinner.

  • Early bird registration until February 15th, 2019  - 100€
  • Registration from the 15th of February till the 15th of March - 150€
  • Inscription Deadline: March 1, 2019 
  • Conference date: 4, 5 and 6 April, 2019 

The partners of this event are IMAGO, the European federation of Cinematographers and SBC, the Belgian Society of Cinematographers,  IAD, mediarte, screen brussels & Avolon


Register through the mediarte website ! 


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